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Bike Rentals


Reservations do need to be made online in advanced to ensure that we have a bike ready for you and in the correct size as you arrive at our shop.

Our website does accurately show our availability and the bikes we are offering. Our rental season does close for the season on Nov 1st until March 28th.

Reservation Notes:
We offer bicycle rentals at a fixed daily rate, not based on 24-hour periods. When booking your bike online, the calendar will automatically set the return time for the end of the business day on the same day you collect your bike. Please note that we do not provide rentals spanning multiple days. It is your responsibility to verify your reservation times and ensure timely return of the rented bike. Kindly be mindful of others who have scheduled rentals after you and return your bike punctually. Late returns will incur an extra day charge beyond the planned drop-off time.

Due to continued supply chain shortages, our rental selection for this season is limited to Hardtail bikes and a small number of gravel bikes.

Rental Bicycle Times: 
Thur – Friday 10:00AM to 5:30PM
Sat 10:00AM to 4:30PM

Bicycle Reservation:
A valid credit card is required to book your reservation.  You will be charged 100% of the reservation amount at time of reservation. The rider over 18, whose name is on the reservation as the main person will need to present the credit card used for the reservation online and a matching valid photo government issued ID at the time of the rental when picking up the bikes. We will hold your credit card information to cover any late fees, cancellation fees, extra charges (damage, etc.). 

All riders need to be present for a brief safety instruction and orientation on the use of the rental equipment. (No Exceptions).

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellations can be made-up to 24 hours before your scheduled pick up by simply calling us and we can help you.

Cancellation Fee:

  • 24 hours and over = No cancellation fee
  • 24 hours or less = 100% of rental fee

Proper Means to Transport Bikes: 
It is your responsibility to obtain proper means to transport the bikes you have rented. Bicycles must be transported using a bike rack that prevents contact with the frame, and they should not be hung from tailgates or stacked inside a vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse bike rentals to parties without appropriate means of transport.

By signing our liability waiver prior to departing from our store, you acknowledge and agree to return the rented equipment in the same condition as when it was received, barring ordinary wear and tear as determined by the service manager or service team on duty. You understand that the rented equipment should be free from flat tires, broken spokes, broken or bent wheel rims, damaged frames, handlebars, seats, or any other damaged parts incurred during usage or transportation.

You agree to be liable for the repair and/or replacement of any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment and broken parts, whether caused by you or others while the equipment is in your possession. The decision to repair or replace damaged parts or components will be made at the shop's discretion. You accept responsibility for payment of any replacement parts and labor rates resulting from damage to the rented equipment and the retail cost of all lost or stolen equipment.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that if any rental bike from Singletrack Cycles is utilized for racing, dirt jumping, or any other improper use, and the bike incurs damage beyond regular wear and tear, you will be held 100% responsible for all damages up to the replacement value of the bike.