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FOX 34 AWL 27.5-inch w/RAIL and Sweep-Adjust
Whether you’re racing to make it to your meeting across town or striving for a personal best down your favorite new trail, the AWL e-SUV fork will get you there on time and in style. Featuring an all-new chassis, RAIL damper, and different travel options, the AWL is equipped to forgive rock and roots as well as curbs and potholes. Includes integrated mounts for fenders, lights and accessories. - Award-winning RAIL damper delivers premium suspension performance with simple yet effective adjustability and maximum durability - Stiff 34mm e-optimized chassis meets the most stringent e-bike testing standards - Integrated fender and light mounts delivery maximum versatility - Clearance for tires up to 2.6” wide - 160-230 mm rotor compatible
FOX 34 Step-Cast Factory w/FIT4 3-Position Kabolt
The 34 Step-Cast Factory is the choice for riders who want an all-round fork that performs in a vast range of applications: lightweight for climbs and highly capable for demanding terrain with enough travel to instill confidence when the trail gets rough. Weight savings are attributed to external lower casting steps, hollow lower section, and shortened shaft lengths. - Step-Cast chassis - Genuine Kashima Coating on upper tubes - FIT4 damper and FLOAT EVOL air spring - Dedicated air spring and damper tune are specific for this travel range, with a lighter tune at mid and higher velocities - Kabolt Thru Axle
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