One Gift Fits All

Turn Bike Service Into a Gift Card

The best gift of all (besides a bike, of course) can easily be given with a gift card. Simply purchase a gift card in the service amount and gift away. Not able to make it into our bike shop to pick up your gift card? We can mail the gift card to you. You can also stop in the bike shop today to discuss our services further.

The Annual Service 

A Basic Tune-Up ensures that the bike is in safe, smooth riding condition. All of the essentials are covered—tire inflation, chain lubrication, gear shift adjustments, and brake checks.

The Annual Refresh

A Deluxe Tune-Up takes things a step further. The basics are covered and extra attention is paid to shift and brake cables, housing, and the overall cleanliness of the frame and parts.

The Total Package

For our Overhaul Package, we remove the bike's drivetrain, perform a thorough cleaning, and reinstall, lubricate, and tune the bike's major systems. We also inspect and adjust your headset and bottom bracket.

Bike Fit Services

Bike Fit Services are available to help your favorite cyclist improve their comfort and performance on the bike. A professional bike fit is a great gift for any cyclist, whether they are a weekend warrior, a daily commuter, or a competitive triathlete.