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bicycle tune-up

show your ride the appreciation it deserves. we can help.

Whether your bike is relatively new or an aged companion, ridden for recreation or for transportation, it requires regular maintenance to ensure its reliable and enjoyable operation. The offseason is the ideal time to bring your bike in for its annual service - explore your options and plan your visit today.

Our Service Packages

We offer a variety of comprehensive bike service packages to meet your needs. When you bring your bike to us, a professional technician will evaluate your bike and discuss your options. All estimates are provided at no cost with no obligation to you.

Annual Service



  • Safety check
  • Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Gear inspection and adjustment
  • Drive-train inspection and adjustment
  • Spot true wheels
  • Final inspection and wipe down
  • 50% off of any additional labor needed (new tubes, cable install, bearing install, etc) Additional charge for actual parts
Annual Refresh



  • Frame cleaned  
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned in the parts washer and lubed
  • Shifting adjustments
  • Brake adjustment
  • True, tension and dish wheels
  • Check tire pressure and sealant level if applicable
  • Inspect/tension all bolts
  • 50% off of any additional labor needed (new tubes, cable install, bearing install, etc) Additional charge for actual parts
The Total Package



  • Replace tires (no charge)
  • Replace all cables (no charge)
  • Replace brake pads (no charge)
  • Replace handlebar tape or grips (no charge)
  • Replace tubeless sealant (for tubeless set ups)
  • 10% off parts and free installation labor of any additional parts not listed above
  • Frame cleaned and polished
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned in parts washer and lubed
  • Service front and rear hubs
  • True, tension and dish wheels
  • Refresh, clean & service or replace headset bearings.
  • Refresh, clean & service or replace bottom bracket bearings
  • Full disc brake bleed and fluid replacement
  • One free follow-up adjustment

Plan Your Bike Service

We've made it easier than ever to drop off your bike for maintenance or repair work. Simply book your drop-off time online and one of our friendly mechanics will be ready for you when you arrive.

Schedule Your Service

Maintain Your Ride at Home

For minor repairs and adjustments, it’s great to have a set of reliable tools on hand at home so that you can get out and ride. From proper inflation to drivetrain maintenance, be prepared for anything.

Complete the Experience

Bike maintenance is necessary but accessorizing your bike is the fun part (not that turning wrenches isn’t fun). Check out our selection of lights, fenders, racks, and more - we’ll even help with installation!

Ready to Refresh Your Ride?

Keeping your bike in shape is simple. Schedule your drop-off, bring your bike to us, and we’ll take it from there.