Bike Repair Service Center

Bike Repair & Service Center 

Give Your Bike the Love it Deserves!

It is a scientific fact that a well-maintained bicycle can generate a 225% increase in stoke per mile. That’s why our Bicycle Service Pros undergo extensive formal technical training every year, ensuring they’ll be ready to service and repair any brand of bike or part you roll in on. Trust our top-notch Service Technicians with your bike and we’ll get you rolling safely. Estimates are always free, and our work is guaranteed for 30 days. And since service is based on a labor rate of $80 per hour, you can trust us with any sized job and feel confident you’ll be treated fairly.

Service Packages

The Total Package – $500

Bring back that new-bike smell with this ultimate service. This option includes a complete disassembly, washing, and polishing before we rebuild your precious steed with new cables, brake pads, grips, and tires. That’s right, tires included! Everything from headset to bottom bracket is refreshed and checked for wear. And if we find anything needing special attention, we’ll be sure to let you know. Suspension service billed separately.

  • Replace tires (no charge)
  • Replace all cables (no charge)
  • Replace brake pads (no charge)
  • Replace handlebar tape or grips (no charge)
  • Replace tubeless sealant (for tubeless set ups)
  • 10% off parts and free installation labor of any additional parts not listed above
  • Frame cleaned and polished
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned in parts washer and lubed
  • Service front and rear hubs
  • True, tension and dish wheels
  • Refresh, clean & service or replace headset bearings.
  • Refresh, clean & service or replace bottom bracket bearings
  • Full disc brake bleed and fluid replacement
  • One free follow-up adjustment 
  • *restrictions apply, see store for details
  • Replace any worn parts (labor included but additional charge for the actual parts)
  • **Price does not include replacement parts needed

The Annual Refresh – $134

Life keeping you from riding as much as you had hoped last year? It happens to the best of us – and we’ve got you covered. This annual service features removal and cleaning of all drive-train components plus a comprehensive adjustment of all the bicycle’s systems, including wheels, drive train, brakes, and contact points. Our Service Technicians will inspect all high wear components and alert you to any that need to be replaced. Labor included, all parts billed separately.

  • Frame cleaned  
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned in the parts washer and lubed
  • Shifting adjustments
  • Brake adjustment
  • True, tension and dish wheels
  • Check tire pressure and sealant level if applicable
  • Inspect/tension all bolts
  • Replace any worn parts (labor included but additional charge for the actual parts)
  • **Price does not include replacement parts needed.

Safety Check – $45

Gain peace of mind and know your bike is trail-ready. Our Service Pros will inspect your bike to ensure it’s in proper working order. If we find anything needing attention, we’ll provide you a repair estimate. This is the perfect choice for bikes that may have collected a bit too much dust since your last ride.

  • Complete safety inspection
  • Brake adjustment
  • Torque all hardware
  • Lube chain
  • Tire inflation

Annual Service – $89

Rid your ride of those annoying rattles, clicks, and squeaks with this seasonal service package. Our Service Technicians will inspect and adjust each of the bicycle’s systems including wheels, drive train, brakes, and rider contact points. Repair estimates provided for issues needing more attention.

  • Safety check
  • Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Gear inspection and adjustment
  • Drive-train inspection and adjustment
  • Spot true wheels
  • Final inspection and wipe down
  • 50% off of any additional labor needed (new tubes, cable install, bearing install, etc) Additional charge for actual parts
  • **Price does not include replacement parts needed.

Specialty Services

E-BIKE SERVICE - $80 per hour

All diagnosis and service.  One hour minimum.

24 HOUR RUSH – $40

Front of the line service delivered within 24 hours.

Di2 CONNECT – $20

Update Di2 and connect during service.

CREAK DIAGNOSTIC - $80 per hour

Diagnose and resolve creaking issue.  Full torque check and lubrication.


North Bend \ Snoqualmie \ Fall City - Bookable online

FORK/SHOCK SERVICE - $130 per unit

Includes oil.  Add cost of seals, bushings, and other parts

All pricing listed is for labor only; parts are additional unless otherwise indicated. Additional service fees may apply. $5 shop supply, hazardous material and environmental fee may apply to any repair. Service pricing and available services are subject to change. Please inquire with a Singletrack Cycles Associate at 425-888-0101 or for details.
Bike Abandonment Policy:
Bikes and bicycle components left for service at Singletrack Cycles are considered to be abandoned after 120 days of customer non-retrieval.