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Indoor Cycling Classes

Indoor Cycling Session - Registration

Winter Indoor Cycling Classes now in Session

Singletrack Cycles is excited to announce that we are now an officially licensed Sufferfest studio! These world renowned indoor cycling videos will add a new level to indoor riding at Singletrack Cycles that will challenge and excite riders of all ages and abilities.

Great explanation from Laura Winter of VOXWOMEN on why The Sufferfest videos are the best from.

To check out more about The Sufferfest visit

What is indoor cycling at Singltrack Cycles? Open to any level rider! Our classes make use of power trainers to make your own bike a state-of-the-art training tool.  Your workout is specifically tailored to your current level of fitness using FTP, So everyone in class get's a great workout at their level.

What are we offering? As of right now we are offering morning and evening indoor cycling centered around the widely known Sufferfest Videos using Wahoo KICKR trainers. All 6 trainers are connected wirelessly to a central computer that adjusts the resistance for each rider relative to their threshold power (maximum sustainable power).

What should I bring/wear? - Bring your own bike to ride on the kickr trainers and let us know if you have 7/8/9/10/11 speed Bicycle (24” or bigger) with a rear axle no bigger than 142mm.  If you have any ANT+ accessories (like heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, power meter, etc.) bring them along with you as they can be paired to the system so that your data is collected and projected on the big screen. 

Wear your cycling clothing and bike shoes, bring a towl (you will sweat) and a water bottle

Things to know before you go - Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Hydration is the key to prolonged exercising. Eat a nutritious meal 45 minutes to an hour before your workout.

Our trainers are equipped with 7,8,9 10 or 11-speed Shimano cassettes which are 100% compatible with Shimano & SRAM drivetrains.  We’ve had no problem with these drivetrains during ergometer mode.  If your chain is very worn it is possible that you could have some issues shifting.  Also, please be sure that your bike and drivetrain are clean to reduce wear & tear and give the best shifting performance. 

To attend one of our sessions scroll down below to register.  You must pre-register on our website below to attend any sessions. More sessions will be added in January based on demand!

Winter Schedule

Day and Focus

Morning Session

Evening Session


6:30AM - 7:30AM

8AM - 9AM

7:00PM - 8PM


6:30AM - 7:30AM

8AM - 9AM

7:00PM - 8PM


8AM - 9AM


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class to ensure proper bike setup
  • If you are missing anything, plese let us know before the class so we can best accommodate you


Single Class / Drop-In


5 Class Punch Card


10 Class Punch Card


20 Class Punch Card


What is FTP?

Functional Threshold Power.  In over-simplified terms this is the level of pedaling effort at which your legs start to burn.  In less simplified terms it is the level of effort you would theoretically be able to hold for an hour.  In even less simplified terms it is when you switch from your aerobic energy systems to your anaerobic systems.  Power is measured in Watts, like a light bulb.  The trainers at Singletrack Cycles measure and read out your pedaling wattage.  

Once you establish your FTP, you can base all your workout efforts on a percentage of your FTP.   A workout at Singletrack Cycles might be something like

  • 10 Minute Warmup at 50% of FTP
  • 1 minute interval at 110% of FTP
  • 30 second rest at 75% of FTP>
  • and so on and so forth.

This way everyone gets the same workout and the differences in fitness among the cyclists are no longer an issue! 

Session Schedule

To register for a class select Indoor Cycling Session - Single Drop In. You will then be taken to the calendar of indoor cycling sessions that are avaialble for the week. As sessions fill up they will no longer be displayed on the calendar.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email 24hrs prior to the scheduled session.


Use the coupon code 1STDROPINISFREE to attend your first indoor cycling session for free

Contact Information - Singeltrack Cycles can be reached at 425-888-0101, email or stop by our North Bend location.



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